Innova 65

Innova 65 plancha in stainless steel

More details

1145 euros
  • Width:
    680 mm
  • Height:
    305 mm
  • Depth:
    555 mm
  • Weight:
    41,5 kg
  • Capacity:
    8 to 10 people
  • Burners:
    2 - 8200 W
  • Substance:
    Stainless steel
  • Burners and hob guaranteed:
    10 years
  • Other components guaranteed:
    5 years
  • Retail price:
    Shipping costs not included

More info

General Characteristics

Innova Planchas Technical Information

01. Enamelled cast iron cooking hob

02. Integrated thermometers

03. Control knobs with 6 settings

04. Integrated grease tray, capacity 2 litres

05. Electronic ignition

06. Stainless steel frame

07. Feet

A New Dimension

Innova Collection

With Innova, Forge Adour elevates the plancha to a new dimension. Never before has a surface in direct contact with food enabled the cooking temperature to be controlled to the nearest degree. This plancha is an indispensable precision tool for the most exacting cooks and has revolutionized the scope of possibilities.

High Quality Material

Enamelled Cast Iron

Enamelled cast iron is high quality material used in most of our planchas. Its high thermal inertia ensures excellent heat output and high precision cooking. We have developed a specific enamel glaze that is neutral and rustproof: Forge Adour quality enamelling. This highly resistant and non-porous vitreous enamel seals the metal hob and makes cleaning a piece of cake.

Innova Trolleys

Stability and Safety

Innova trolleys ensure plancha stability and safety. They have been especially designed to accommodate the plancha and gas cylinder. An array of shelves, work surfaces and various handy storage spaces make cooking comfortable and fun.

Innova Trolleys


Simple to use and easy to clean

Plancha is easy to use and easy to clean! Check out our maintenance video-guides for upkeeping your Plancha.

play_icon.png Cleaning the plate whilst hot

play_icon.png Cleaning the plate whilst cold with our Cleaning Kit

play_icon.png Cleaning the plate whilst cold with our Plancha Net product

play_icon.png Maintenance of stainless steel

play_icon.png Maintenance of your Plancha